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APPRAISAL The value of the property calculated by the Assessor, which is expressed as taxable value.

ASSESSED VALUE - Thirty-five (35) percent of the total appraised value (taxable value) of the property. Set statutorily by the Legislature. This is the value upon which the taxes are calculated.

ASSESSMENT ROLL - There are two rolls, the secured roll and the unsecured roll.

Secured Roll - The listing of real property values as prepared annually by the Assessor. The payment of the tax is secured by a lien against the real property.

Unsecured Roll - Personal property values not secured by the ownership of real property and the value of new construction which has not yet been added to the secured roll.

BOARDS OF EQUALIZATION - The County Board of Equalization is a three or five member board appointed by the County Commission. The State Board of Equalization !s composed of five members appointed by the Governor. The qualifications are listed in statute. One member must be a property appraiser.

CONSUMABLE SUPPLIES - All tangible personal property consumed (used up, drained, absorbed, dissipated, or expended) during the normal day-to-day operation of the business; not intended to become a component part of ,a manufactured item for sale or base. Does not apply to any tangible personal property which is required to be depreciated for federal income tax purposes.

COUNTY ASSESSOR - The elected official responsible for the valuation and assessment of property. In some counties the Assessor also collects the personal property tax.

COUNTY COMMISSION/CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS - The elected officials responsible for setting budgets and spending levels of the city or county.

COUNTY TREASURER - The elected official responsible for the billing and collection of real property taxes. In some counties the Treasurer also collects the personal property tax.

DEPRECIATION - This is the estimate of the decrease in value in a wasting asset (not land) due to such factors as use and obsolescence. In Nevada, for purposes of personal property, depreciation is calculated using depreciation schedules approved by the Nevada Tax Commission.

FISCAL YEAR - In Nevada it is that period of time from July 1 of one year to June 30 of the following year. It is also the taxable year for purposes of property taxation.

.FULL CASH VALUE - The most probable price which property would bring in a competitive and open market.

LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENTS - Modifications to a building that are made to accommodate a specific business. Some examples are: draperies, partitions, paneling, counters, shelving, built-in compressed air systems, heavy duty electrical systems, etc.

LEASEHOLD PROPERTY - Is property that is leased or rented. The value is based on the total cost of the lease or rental.

LEVY - see Tax Levy.

MARKET VALUE - see Full Cash Value.


Personal Properl;y on the Secured Roll - A statement sent by the Assessor in December to the property owner, showing the taxable value and assessed value of secured personal property together with the values for land or buildings.